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The internal core business structure was confronted with the need for a stronger foundation in order to effectively compete and excel in the national marketplace. JG3 helped the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association sift through the organizational layers, products, services and processes to develop a brand strategy that redefined and trained the company on a national level. A custom-built and user-friendly curriculum and adjunct programs established a complete and all-inclusive educational system that played a critical role in developing the skills of the Association on a collective scale. The programs and platforms created a better, smarter and more knowledgeable infrastructure that produced and increased consumer loyalty and a more profitable national customer base. Creating a corporate education program on a national level required both a preliminary assessment tool and all supporting sales and marketing materials. Utilizing a non-traditional format and a unique approach to the initial launch of the system initiated the brand recognition process for the entire education program while stimulating the interactivity level of the user. A self-contained product and complete program package gave a high-level, market value to the system and resulted in a new and improved work force. The information and goals were provided to all national offices in an advanced sales and marketing effort to ensure a consistent message and complete corporate involvement. A four-topic developmental program with complete course materials and video support was created as a core education system for use by trainers and participants. Both educators and students performed at a 90% increase in communication and productivity levels.

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